Friday, July 20, 2018

Who produces Howling Wind and How?

Now that the monsoons have started in India..all the news I get to hear in the TV during the news time is that this place got flooded and that place got flooded. I always tend to wonder why only certain places gets lots of rains and not much of rains in Chennai, during the rainy season.

Last two years we had lot and lots of rains in Chennai and in both those years, the water has entered into my house as well. Once the rain came continuously and other time it came along with big big winds and my Mom and Dad told me that those kind of winds are called howling winds. So from then onwards I became curious as to who would generate these howling winds, and how would they do the same? I tried generating them at home and couldn't do so.

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When ever a wind comes by, I wonder whether it would turn into a howling wind or not? If yes, how would it turn into howling wind. My mom told me that every wind will not become a howling wind and some doesn't even qualify to be called as wind, as they are very very mild and are called only breeze. Hearing all this vocabulary, I really got confused. Why do we have to have so many names for a simple wind. Then I have one small doubt. We do have different speeds for a fan in the house right. So are there different names for each speed? If yes, what are they? Then my Mom and Dad gave up on me and told me that I am a big question bank. I will share a small secret with you all. When ever our parents doesn't know the answers then they will tend to call us question banks or silly babies to avoid the answers. I guess these are the tricks you get to learn in college before you become a Mom or Dad. What say folks?

So I had started using my brain and tried thinking a lot. Finally I found the answer to my question. Just like we have different speeds in a fan, in a similar way the wind speed will be altered through a switch by the Wind God. I guess he would have two switches - one for howling wind and the other for a normal wind. And each switch will have different speeds, which wind god would control based on the need. But I wonder how would he determine the need of the place. I mean which place should he send a wind or a howling wind. I want to know who tells the wind god those places and all. How can he send the wind at a single time to so many different places. Does wind god in US be the same as the wind god in India or is he different.

               Hearing all these questions, my granny told me to and go and meet the wind god and only he can answer all my questions. Do you folks know where does wind god stay? I know his son "Hanuman" and he is my best friend too. So am planning to take his help and try to meet the wind god.  In case if you guys have any better ideas about meeting him, please let me know in the comments. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Magic - is it an Illusion or a reality?

During summer holidays, Mom and Dad took me to a Magic Show that happened in Russian cultural center. Hope you remember this place, this is the place where I normally do my shows. It seems, one uncle by name Alex came down to India from Russia. Though I don't understand where Russia is, but my Mom told me that its very far...Do you know whether its far away than US? I only know that US takes 24 hours by flight to reach as my Dad went there some time long time back. I keep thinking how much fun it would be to go by train to US. It would take more time right, then we can have so much fun in that train isn't it? OK, coming back to Russia, is it very far like US. Please tell me with your comments OK?

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So Alex uncle did lot of Magic. He was able to make items disappear and reappear. I liked it a lot. Though lot of music is there in the back ground and some pictures are being shown, I had seen that Uncle was making scarf's and people fly in the air. People are getting disappeared. I liked it a lot and of course was also scared. Now I wonder where will all those people who disappear go to? Will they go to Space or Mars? Do you guys have any idea? Who would take care of their food and all the other stuff. Mommy told me that they will go to the back stage only and will not go anywhere. Though this time, I didn't believe her, as I know that the back stage is very small and it can't accommodate all these people.

Obviously, after coming back home, I also wanted to try some magic tricks. I wanted my pencil to disappear. Like that of Alex uncle, I had put my pencil under the towel and said the magic words like "Abracadabra you GO". But it didn't disappear. I was not sure, why it didn't happen to me. I tried 100 times but all the times I failed and so I started crying.

But after being consoled by my granny and mommy, I tried it again. As the saying goes, "practice makes the man" I thought if I practice more then I will be able to disappear just like Alex uncle. So I tried again and this time it really got disappeared. So I was very happy, thinking that my good friend Krishnaiah has finally heard me and helped me in making things disappear. So next I tried with a pencil box and this time it too got disappeared. Can you imagine how happy I was? But I got slight doubt nagging in my head, as to how come I became so powerful all of a sudden?.  So next time, while chanting the magic mantra's I slightly opened my eyes. Now I know who the culprit is. Its my granny who is taking away things from my hand, when I closed my eyes. Very bad isn't it? I really got very angry. So Angry means I can't tell you. I started crying as I didn't know what to do.

                So my Mom came to me again, and started consoling me. She took the Children's Encyclopedia and showed me the meaning for the word Magic - which says its an Illusion. So my Mom and Dad started telling me that Magic is nothing but tricks and no body can actual make things disappear and we don't have those powers. They even showed me some videos on you tube and explained me that those magician uncles like Alex are also hiding objects and persons cleverly and not actually sending them away to space or some other place.

                  But I still have my own doubts. Can you please tell me if Magic is just the swiftness of the hand and nothing but real. Don't you think its all cheating. Why will people pay money to watch those shows which are nothing but cheating. My Mom and Dad says that we should't tell lies and cheat as they are not good manners. Then how come these elders go and pay money for a show which is nothing but cheating. I am so totally confused with these elders. Some times I just can't understand them.

          Can you please make my life easier by explaining these kind of things to me. My friends Govinda and Krishniah are not able to give me some concrete answers here and their smiles is making me all the more furious.  Waiting for your comments folks..please help me in clearing this confusion.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

A House for the Kids, of the Kids and managed by?

Hey Guys,

          I am back with my stories..sorry for the long break, in the meanwhile, I was busy with my summer holidays and dance shows. More about those stories later. I have 1000 stories to tell you all, but first about my new daily routine.

        I had stopped going to School this year. Got surprised hearing this news isn't it? YES, you heard it right. I am no longer attending a School. I am only going to the HOUSE. Now, you are sitting straight while reading this right? I am already staying in my home, which can be also called a HOUSE, then to which HOUSE am I going now? Can you all take any guesses.

           Okay, OK, let me break the suspense. I am going to "HOUSE OF CHILDREN". This HOUSE is "FOR the KIDS" and "OF the KIDS".  This place is full of kids and we manage our time on our own with the help of the elders like aunties. These Aunties are no where like teachers as they don't shout at us saying SILENCE all the time or SIT DOWN. If you hear any shouting it would be only from us the kids and not that of the aunties. Those loud voices are also to express our joy, but we are learning to keep our voices down and speak like adults.

            We don't have a typical black board or a time table like that in a School. But we learn a lot while working on our own and do lot of puzzles and activities which teach us everything we need. This House also doesn't have benches and stools to sit down and we can sit where we want and do what we want. Don't you think its all fun. We Kids help each other in this way, when we get stuck at some point. This also encourages lot of conversation between us the kids. So we are making friends finally with out somebody telling us to "Go and talk to that Kid A or Kid B". This helps me for kids like me to observe the kids and talk to only those people whom I like. Can you believe that I already had made two friends here in this House?

            Another interesting point is that there is no uniform for us and also no books. Can you imagine a school with no books, home work and no uniform. NO, its not possible right? So then this place is definitely is a HOUSE for us and we are being treated just like kids.

             Also the best part is that there is no forced Snack time or lunch time. I like this a lot, as I don't have to sit forcefully in a circle and eat what was being served. When I really feel hungry, I can go into the kitchen and cut a fruit or vegetable and eat it or else I can pick it from my snack box.

            Also, we are having so much fun and learning about a lot of things in this HOUSE and there are always people around to answer my never ending questions. There are lot of activities which help me in researching the answers for my questions too. Even the adults in this HOUSE are patient enough to answer my questions just like my MOM and DAD. No body snubs or snaps the kids like in other schools here.  So I am very happy and excited going to this HOUSE every day. I am going since last three weeks and I don't want this experience to end.

              Now you all must be wondering where is this HOUSE isn't it? Its not in the dream land where I frequent with my friends Krishnaiah and Govinda. This is very much in Chennai and its called "BODHANA HOUSE of CHILDREN". I know you guys don't believe me, but please see their website below:

Bodhana House of Children

Image result for bodhana montessori house of children

Pic Courtesy: Bodhana website images.

       So after visiting their website and our house, can you all please answer my question as to this House is managed by Whom? You can answer back in the comments below.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

చిట్టి చిట్టి స్నేహాలు - పెద్ద పెద్ద కధలు

మా వాడు ఎవరితోను ఆడడు అని అనుకున్నని రోజులు పట్టలేదు, మా వాడు ఇంట్లోకి అసలు రావటంలేదు అని అనుకోవటానికి. నిజము చెపితే మీరు నమ్మరు కానీ, మా వాడు ఇలా ఇంత ఇంత సేపు బయట ఆడుకోవటానికి  వెళ్ళితే నాకు బోరుగానే ఉంది, కానీ మా వాడు జీవితములో స్వతంత్రముగా బతకటానికి వేయవలసిన తోలి అడుగు కాబట్టి వదిలేసాను.

ఆటలతో పాటు గొడవలు పడటం చిన్న పిల్లల అలవాటే కదా అనుకున్నాను. కానీ తరిచి చూస్తే ఇద్దరు అబ్బాయిల మధ్య తగవులకి, అమ్మాయిల మధ్య తగవులకి బోలెడు తేడా ఉంది సుమా.
ఇంకా ఒక్క అమ్మాయి, అబ్బాయి మధ్య గొడవలు ఇంకో రకం. అబ్బాయిల మధ్య గొడవలు చాల వరకు, ఎవరు ముందు, ఎవరు గొప్పగా ఆడారు అన్న వాటితోనే ఆగిపోతాయి. ఇద్దరు అమ్మాయిల మధ్య గొడవలు చాలా వరకు ఎవరు కోట్టారో తో మొదలు అయినా, ఎవరు ఎక్కువ అనే దగ్గర ఆగిపోతాయి.  ఇంక మూడో రకం ఉన్నాయే వాటిని వివరించటం  చాలా కష్టం.

ఇద్దరు అబ్బాయిల మధ్య గొడవలకి మొట్ట మొదటి కారణము ఏమిటి అంటే, ఎవరు మొదటగా బాల్ వేయాలి, ఎవరు గట్టిగా కొట్టారు అనే  వంతులు  అంతే. రెండో వాడికి ఆవకాశము వస్తే, తాను మొదటి వాడి కంటే ఇంకా బాగా ఆడగలను అని చూపించకుంటే చాలు, వీళ్ళకి ఇంక ఏమి అక్కరలేదు. వీళ్ళ గొడవలు తాటకు మీద మంట లాంటివి, ఎక్కువ సేపు ఉండవు. ఎంత వేగముగా కొట్టుకొంటారో, అంటే వేగముగా కలిసిపోతారు. మనకి అసలు పని పెట్టరు. ఇంకో పక్క, ఇద్దరు అమ్మయిల మధ్య గొడవలు వస్తే, ఇంకా అది మూడో ప్రపంచ యుద్ద సంకేతాలే సుమా,
మనము తొందర పడి ఆపక పోయామో అవి  గాలి వాన ముదిరితే తుఫాన్ గాలులుగా ఎలా మారిపోతయో ఆలా మారిపోతాయి, అది కూడా చాలా తొందరగా. ఆపటానికి వెళ్ళామో మనము ఆ జడివానలో కొట్టుకుపోతాం సుమా.  ఒక్కరూ  కూడా తగ్గారు, మనము ఎవరి వైపు మాట్లాడిన, రెండో వారి అలకకు ఇంకా అంతు ఉండదు. కాబట్టే మనము అక్కడి నుంచి దూరముగా జరిగి పోవటం చాలా మంచిది.  అలానే వదిలి వేశామో వారి ఏడుపుల వరదలో మనం కొట్టుకుపోవాల్సిందే. ఇక వారి ఇద్దరినీ సముదాయించే లోపల మన పని అయిపోతుంది.

ఇంకా అమ్మాయి, అబ్బాయి మధ్య గొడవలు అనుకోండి, అవి తెగటానికి కారణమూ ఒక్కటి చాలు. ఆ అమ్మాయే, తన బెస్ట్ ఫ్రెండ్ అని అబ్బాయి, కొంచము బతిమాలుకుంటే చాలు, అమ్మాయి ఒప్పేసుకొంటుంది. కానీ ఇక్కడ గొడవలు ఎవరు మొదలు పెట్టినా సరే, ఇద్దరికీ రాజి కుదర్చటము చాలా సులువు.

 ఎవరి గొడవలు పెద్దవి, ఎవరి గొడవలు చిన్నవి అని ఆలోచించే బదులు, ఏ గొడవ అయినా మన వాడు, స్వయంగా తీర్చుకొనే అలవాటు చేయటము చాల మంచిది. ప్రతి గొడవలో, మనము దూరకుండా ఉన్నవరకు అని గొడవలు చిన్నవే, ఇట్టే సమసిపోయేవే. పెద్దవాళ్లు తల దూర్చారో, చిన్న చిన్న గొడవలు కూడా పెద్దవి అయిపోతాయి. ఇదే అందరు పాటించాల్సిన సూత్రం.

Field trip on the New Year day!!!

As Christmas vacation was getting ended, Me and my friends have decided to go out for a long drive. I mean really long long drive and have fun while going in the car. So we started pestering my Dad for a long drive. Dad had a day off. So he told us that if we finish our lunch faster, he would take us again to beach after a long drive. We felt that we had already gone to beach and we need to explore new place this time. So we started nagging again saying "NO BEACH", "NO BEACH".  Finally my mom gave in and said that she would take us to a new place, which would be a surprise to us and we shouldn't ask any further details. So we started becoming more and more curious about this new place now. We tried all the possible tricks to get the information from parents. Parents being elders, they very cleverly avoided that discussion till our lunch.

So we finished our lunch in a jiffy - wondering what's there in the menu - Its normal curd rice and pappad. We didn't dare ask for more varieties, as we wanted to rush out as fast as we can to that new place. So finally the time has come for us to start and we packed all our snack packs till the brim and we are ready to zoom off.

Daddy took us for a really long drive and it was fun, as we started singing all the songs and rhymes we know at the top of our voice. Finally after some time, we started feeling hungry, as we didn't eat our tummy full during the lunch due to the excitement naa. So we started opening on the snack packs in the car itself. Poor Car started telling us not to spoil him and throw the food inside the car. But tell me, who would listen to the car, when we kids are out to have so much fun?

Finally we reached our destination. Its called #Dakshina Chitra, a nice place tucked in the ECR road of Chennai. As soon as we entered, we liked this place, as there is a small lawn in the front to play around while my Mommy was getting the tickets. So we started having fun right away. But little did we know the actual surprise we had in store for us.  We started exploring all the rocks and little areas around the reception while having fun. Then my Daddy took us to an open place called open air theatre where we started jumping up and down the steps while having some snacks. I know that by seeing our photo's you would agree with my mom's saying that we are three little monkeys. So we started singing that rhyme also.

Image result for dakshinachitra
Picture Courtesy : Google - Dakshina Chitra

Then my Dad took us to another place after some time. There we had few plastic chairs and my parents made us sit there and wait for some time, saying that this is the real surprise. Little did we realize that there would be a dance show then and there itself. Suddenly few people with drums started appearing and they started dancing. The dance was so nice and rhythmic. Surprisingly, there is no song there. Those uncles were dancing to the sound of drums only. I couldn't stop my feet from dancing. That dance is called "Tappu Dance" it seems. So we also joined them in the last to shake our legs a little. But I really wonder how come those uncles were able to dance so nicely holding those drums. Those drums were so heavy, I tried lifting them but couldn't. I wonder what those uncles eat? I thought of asking them, so went near them. But seeing them up close, I couldn't ask them. So just wished them a "HAPPY NEW YEAR" and came back.

Can you guys please let me know in the comments below, as to from where those uncles got that much strength, so that I can also eat the same. I can grow up in a jiffy and dance like them. Will you please help me with this.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Do you know the Mommy of the Waves in the Ocean?

On the day before New Year, we went to visit the Beach along with my friends. That was the first time, I went out all alone with my friends leaving my Mommy and Daddy at home, as they were expecting few guests at home.

Going to Beach was tough, as I was worried as to how my Mommy and Daddy would cope with out me. My mommy always says that she would become bored with out me. Since I had left them for the first time,  I was always thinking about them through the cab ride.  What mischief they would both get into during my absence and what toys they would break during that time. Before boarding the cab, I told them not to touch my toys, but still you know how these grown ups would be. They would never keep their promises up.

Also, the feeling of going along with friends was very good and I also enjoyed the cab ride, as three of us kept on singing lots of songs and telling lot of the stories on the way. We kept the cab driver uncle engaged in our conversation as well, by asking him lot of questions. As kids, we have lot of doubts isn't it, so some body needs to address them for us isn't it. Uncle and aunt who accompanied us were busy in the phones, so we decided to ask the cab driver uncle itself and test our knowledge of Tamil on him.  By now, you guys would know that I speak only very little Tamil and am fluent only in English and Telugu. I hope you remember it.

After going to beach, we played a lot in the sand, built lots of sand castles and also poured sand on each other's heads. Uncle was telling us not to pour sand on each other, but can you guess what we did -  we pulled that uncle also into the sand and poured sand on him. Finally he also enjoyed the sand play with us. We collected lots and lots of sea shells in the sand.

Then we went near to the water to wash our hands and legs. Waves were rushing to meet us. They were coming one after another in a very orderly way, but at a faster rate. So we went on greeting all the waves on by one, waving our hands and dipping our legs in them. But the way, they were rushing back into the sea, made me little curious as to why they are coming forward in the first place and then why are they rushing back again. So I started thinking a logic for this, as my mommy was not around. Otherwise, I would have asked my mommy and she would have explained it to me. Then I thought that some where in the middle of the ocean, the mommy of all the waves must be sitting and pulling these waves back just like how my mommy pulls me back from any dangerous activities I do, by holding my shirt.
Related image
Picture Courtesy: Google -

So I want to go and meet that mommy of the waves and have a talk to her, as to how come she has so many children and how is she managing them, as all of them seem to be more naughtier than me. Do you guys have any idea? If yes, can you please leave a comment and let me know. Then we all can go and meet that mommy of waves and have a nice party with her. I wonder, what are the things that waves would be eating? Any idea folks?

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Sorry and Thank you Santa Claus!!!

Thanks a lot Santa Claus for getting us lot of gifts and also cheer. My mamma and pappa told us that you would be coming on 24th midnight and giving us gifts. So all my friends including my kitty (baby) friend decorated the tree and were eagerly waiting for you by playing various games. We had loads of fun during that time. Finally we got so very tired and dozed off in the hall itself. All our mommy's carried us back to our bedrooms.

Next day we got up late as we were tired. By the time we came out to the Christmas tree, all the precious gifts were lined up for us under the tree. Seeing those gifts only I remembered our meeting in the dream. You were looking so very tired and hungry in the dream and nobody kept the food or the hot chocolate for you. When I offered you some cookies and warm milk, you seem to be very relieved. Then I think I kept on asking you so many questions and of course I don't really remember the answers you gave me.

So my next obvious target is my mommy. So only she answered my question of how did you manage to distribute gifts to so many kids. I don't even know how to count beyond 1000, and you seem to have  delivered to 10 times more than that number. This is as per my dad, so don't ask what's that number though. My mommy told me that you have local deputies who would help you in delivering.
But my another doubt still remains unanswered. Some of our kids sing songs like "Santa is struck in the chimney" and all to tease you and trouble you. So how do you take that all up and still smile. Please teach me that trick naa?

So I will tell my friends and all to keep some food and milk for you near the Christmas tree from next time. We also include the food for your rein deers as well. So please send us a letter with all your food preferences like how we write you the letters with all our wishes. I promise you that you wouldn't go hungry from next time onwards.

So guys, if you think that what I am telling makes sense, then please inform your kids to treat Santa nicely OK?