Saturday, October 20, 2018

What if I get the feathers all of a sudden?

The other day I was watching the sunset from my terrace and all of a sudden I had observed few groups of birds flying V-shape. It was really strange to observe how all these groups are maintaining the same shape while flying. I haven't seen birds flying like this till today. So I thought that this might be the new flying trick they have learnt in their school today.  So I ran to my Mom and asked her whether she knows where is the birds school in Chennai. As usual before answering me, she came up with another question with her so called amused look on her face. This time, the question is why I want to learn about the bird schools? I want to learn flying is the simplest answer I could give her. My mom's next question was why do I need to fly? Its simple mommy - What if I get feathers all of a sudden like these birds? So I need to be ready by learning how to fly.

What If? - WOW

My Mommy couldn't control her laughter and asked me again why would I need feathers?  So here comes my story. Do you guys also want to know like my mom as to what would I do if I get my feathers, then join me for my story telling session.

What if I get the feathers just like that on one fine day, then I can fly around Chennai and go to various places as and when I wish. I will not get struck at the traffic jams. I can fly into the beach and see the dolphins jumping around. I can go to my Montessori house with out waiting for my dad to drop me and in the same way, as soon as I finish my work there, I can fly back home in a jiffy with out waiting for my auto uncle to pick me up. That way, I don't have to miss my mom for a long time you see.

Image result
Picture Courtsey: Google

I can race with the aeroplane while its taking off to see who can fly faster? Of course, I would only win. I can also attend the classes conducted by Mr. Sun along with my best buddy Hanuman. I heard from him that these classes are really fun. We can go around the globe with Mr. Sun it seems. Don't you all agree that it would be so wonderful. I don't even have to worry that I might get lost, as my buddy would safely get me back home. If I get tired by flying, he will carry me on his shoulders as well.

Now do you guys agree that it would be fun to have feathers isn't it? The days would be more exciting. But I just hope that these feathers are not visible to my friends at Montessori house. Otherwise, they would make fun of me.

So thinking all this, made me really wish for feathers. When I asked my mom and dad they told me to pray to the God really hard, so that he can grant me this wish. So friends, can you all please ask God to grant me this wish of mine. May be you can also write a letter to the God just like how we write to Santa before Christmas.  Do you think that if I behave like a really good boy and not trouble my mom then God will grant me this wish of mine? Please tell to the God strongly OK folks?

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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

What if animals can also speak like us?

I had a nagging doubt right from the time I started talking. You all know that I have two pet brothers at home isn't it? I always used to observe them and also at times, when I have the mood, I will play with them once in a while. See the picture below, where in I was using both my dogs for my singing practise.

Can anybody guess, the reason as to why I don't like to play a lot with them, though they both spend lot of time with me in the same room? Yes, you got it, they wont talk to me at all and they can't even call mom and dad. So how much I alone can talk to them tell me? They can't even sing along with me. For playing we need both the parties to talk isn't it?

So recently, when my mom and I were going for a walk in the park, I happened to see a totally new dog and she was shouting in a very different way. People were chasing her also, I didn't understand as to why people were chasing her. So I asked my mom and she told me that its howling (crying) because its hurt in the leg and people are chasing her with out treating her.  That's when I remembered my age old doubt and asked my mom about the same. As to why the dogs can't talk just like us? If they can talk, then this problem won't come up right? Also my mom is a super woman, don't you all agree that she is able to understand the dog's sounds also.  Then my mom smiled and said that its because god has decided that all of us should have different languages, so that no problems would come in between us. Do you think that this could really be the reason?

Then I thought that if I have some magic wand like the Alex uncle (magician - please click on the magician to know  more about the Alex uncle and his magic) , then I can make all the animals talk just like us. It would have been so much fun then isn't it?

Next day morning, Johnny came and woke me up shouting loud and clear in my ears, just like my mother. It was not at all a gentle shake which he used to give earlier. He used to only pull of my bed sheet or push me with his leg. But now, he is talking way too much and no actions at all. The tweety bird, which sings very melodiously near my window when I brush my teeth is singing a pop song and I didn't like his voice at all.   As soon as I took bath and came out for the breakfast, then the Joy cat outside my window is shouting saying where is the strawberry yogurt.

Oh God, where did all the pleasantness in the morning go!! Earlier it used to be so peaceful with the birds chirping and just a small meow from our cat. Now look at where we landed, I am not able to tolerate this much sound. If I am not able to bear this constant talking for just an hour in the morning, then imagine how it would be the whole day. The pigeons, cows, crows and others also keep talking then we humans can not talk at all, as there would be no space left for us to talk. What say folks?

Image result for bewildered boy cartoon

Picture Courtsey: Google

Krishniah/Govinda, please come fast and rescue me at the earliest. Please make the world as earlier with only humans talking and all the animals talking in their original languages. I made a big blunder of wishing that every body should speak the same language before going to the bed in the night. I guess some angel heard me and changed every thing.

Can any one of you help me in finding that angel, so that we can convince that angel to rewind the world to yesterday and I don't want to tolerate so much of this noise. Thank God, I didn't ask for the furniture also to talk. Imagine if they also start talking, where we all would end up?

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Friday, October 12, 2018

Can somebody help me in catching the Culprits?

I am having a huge huge problem these days. Do you know what it is? All my goodies are getting vanished. The goodies I mean are only the food items which I like and not the toys or the games. No body in the house touches my games or the toys. The parents and grand parents don't play with the toys. So they remain untouched. Even my pet brother doesn't need my toys. He may use my ball once in a while but not every time. So I am not worried about them at all.

Now a days my yogurt and chocolates are missing out from our refrigerator. Not all the chocolates and all the flavors of the yogurt are missing. Its only my Lindt chocolates and strawberry yogurt that's vanishing. So at first, I thought that may be our Joy cat's baby whitie is the culprit as she likes the strawberry flavor like any thing and the moment I open my yogurt cup, she would start calling my name and licking her tongue. I just can't guess how she would be able to identify it. She doesn't even stay in our house like Johnny you know. But she would jump right into the window where I would be sitting and eating my yogurt as soon as I come home. But then she wouldn't be able to open the refrigerator isn't it. That too she is very scared to enter my house because of Johnny and Browny. So who can be the next culprit?  No idea.

My grand dad or my dad don't like this strawberry flavor. So who else can be eating them while I am away. "I wish an alarm would ring louder and notify me whenever" somebody picks up the yogurt cups from the refrigerator.

Next comes the chocolates part. I like only Lindt chocolates a lot apart from the cadbury's diary milk silk. Mostly the diary milk chocolates would be stored in our refrigerator for my use. Now and then, when we see the Lindt chocolates in the shop, my dad/mom buys them for me and keep in the refrigerator. I eat them very slowly as they are difficult to get frequently. But now a days, I am observing that Swiss thins chocolates box is getting empty at a faster rate. Couldn't identify the culprit though, as I am not getting the chocolate smell from anybody in the house.

Johnny is the possible culprit here as he loves chocolates and eats away my choco's too if given a chance. But he doesn't know how to open a box and close it. He can only tear a box. So that means its not Johnny too.  "I wish an alarm would ring louder and notify me whenever" somebody picks up my Lindt chocolates as well.

I Wish An Alarm Would Ring Loud And Notify Me Whenever...

I even tried tying the jingle bells to the refrigerator door. But that's of no use and those jingle bells are ringing continuously when ever some body tries to open the refrigerator door. And because of this sound, my grand dad is not able to sleep. So my mom pulled them away. I think I need to ask only Krishniah to help me in finding these culprits. But Krishniah is busy these days, as festival season has started right. He is not to be seen in the dream land too. So do you guys think that you can be of some help to me in identifying the naughty eaters who are stealing my goodies in the house. If yes, please let me know in the comments.


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A Blind Date to witness the beauty of the World #TheBlindList #SayYesToTheWorld

Normally we go to Rajahmundry, to visit my friend Godavari and we stay in the Rajahmundry town itself. We take the ferry across Godavari, so that I can stay closer to my friend and we both can talk for long time. But at times, when the ferries become crowded, I prefer sitting along the Godavari banks and watch the sun set and watch trains pass by on the famous Godavari, rail cum road bridge.

This time around, instead of checking into the hotel in Rajahmundry, my Dad arranged for a cab from the railway station and we had to travel for a very long time. I was very curious as to where we were going. But dad asked me to listen to the music played in the car and relax. So I slept while listening to the music. Then all of a sudden, my mom woke me up, and showed that my friend is also traveling along with me. It was such a fun to see the river traveling along with our car. Then I understood that there is some surprise in store for me and this has been my dad's plan all along. So I thought, I just don't have any other option, except go along with his plan and  #SayYesToTheWorld.

By the time, we reached the resort, it was getting dark. But as soon as we walked through the corridor to the reception, there was a big surprise waiting for us. Please find below the photograph to understand the surprise I got.

Do you agree that its really beautiful. Its best that I had seen so far in my entire life. I never knew that a pond can be so beautiful too, that it can contain so many flowers. Till date, all the ponds I had seen are in front of the temples, which has clear water or the flower garlands. But this one is unique and beautiful isn't it.

Next day morning, I woke up early to see the flowers but few of them have already bloomed and some are yet to bloom. There are so many honey bees whizzing past the bloomed flowers. Their hum was the only sound we can hear and it was so peaceful. Even when the honey bee is pinching the flower for honey, it looked so happy. Seriously, can anybody be really happy if somebody pinches you. Won't you feel the pain? When I asked my Mom, she told me that honey bees would be very gentle with the flowers. I think I should ask Krishniah for this real answer. Please remind me later OK?

I was not at all getting bored watching the pond, flowers and honey bees. I don't know how much time I had spent there. The place was so quiet and my happiness knew no bounds. I even danced to my favorite tune and showed my dance to those flowers. Finally, my mom had to drag me out for a walk. There came another surprise when I went for the walk.

The pool is pretty much next to my friend (Godavari). This time, I don't have to sit some where far from her and talk to her. I can keep swimming near her and talk to her too at the same time, and no body would be able to laugh at me. But I am scared of pool right, so didn't want to jump into the pool. Then my dad slowly convinced me to get into the baby pool. Swimming next to my friend, when she is slowly humming the songs is really good and that feeling can't be explained at all. I just loved it. So I didn't feel like coming out of the pool.

Then came the sunset time and I bet you guys would never have seen so many colors in the sky. It was just awesome. Seeing this wonderful display of colors, even Godavari started changing its colors. I was just spellbound. I didn't know how to express my feelings. I had watched so many sunsets from my garden in Chennai. But this beauty is beyond comparison.

Now I understood that what my dad says is always true and it doesn't hurt us to #SayYesToTheWorld as this world is just not Chennai and Godavari. This beauty taught me that there would be so many beautiful places all around and we should be willing to explore. This unplanned trip has left me spell bound for so long, so may be going on a #BlindDate would be equally fun too. #BlindDate with the world could take us to more wondrous places like (something like my #BucketList):

1) Under the Sea to watch the corals and puffet fishes
2) Top of the Volcano to see the molten fire
3) On a mountain train trip to understand its mechanism
4) May be to the International space station so that we can catch a rocket and visit the Moon/Mars.
5) May be to a desert, so that we can watch the camels and ride on them

This is just the sample #TheBlindList I could think of, and it can be totally different from above as well. But now I learnt that every blind turn gives us new surprise. So would you be willing to join me on my #BlindDate with the World? Then please #SayYesToTheWorld join me in my future trips.

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The resort which we visited is Sterling Dindi resort in Andhra Pradesh, near Rajahmundry.
Pictures: All the pictures used in this blog are the personal pictures taken by the author during their trip and are copyrighted.

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Friday, October 5, 2018

When I tell the Truth...

As its raining heavily today, all the schools including our Montessori house is closed today and so I stayed at home and was playing in the morning. At times, my big brother Johnny used to come and sit with me and observe my playing or just gaze out of the window at the rain. But it would soon get bored and go into the bedroom to sleep.

My Mom was busy in the kitchen preparing the lunch and I was all alone in the hall. There is a small aquarium in one of the corners of this hall and nice gold fishes keep swimming all the day in that aquarium. By the way, do you know why that aquarium came into our house? I had to feed a pet animal as a part of my last christmas holidays homework. So I wanted another pet apart from my big brother as at times I get scared of him jumping around me. So me and my Mommy went to the shop and got an aquarium and small fishes to swim in that one. I really wonder why these fishes don't get bored swimming whole day and night. They don't play any games like me and my brother.

So coming back to today's story, suddenly the aquarium collapsed with a loud noise and my Mom came running from the kitchen after hearing this big sound. But Johnny reached to the place before my Mom. My mom saw that me and Johnny us were looking very seriously at the aquarium. Seeing this my mom started scolding Johnny. Johnny always likes to peep into the aquarium and watch those fishes swim, so my mom thought that again Johnny stood up on the aquarium and was watching those small fishes and the aquarium lost its balance.

I felt so sorry for Johnny as he didnt do any thing. So I told my Mom to relax and stay cool for a while so that I can save my big brother. As he is my body gaurd in the outside world, I have to protect him from my mom's scoldings as well isn't it. Poor Johnny can't even talk like me right? But honestly, I didn't have the courage to open my mouth and tell the truth. As I am scared that my mom would be angry with me too.

So I called my friend Hanuman for my support and prayed a lot to Govinda to give me the courage. I went and took a water bottle from the refrigerator and gave it to my mom. But my mom was still in the angry mood but accepted my hug and water bottle. I mader her sit in the sofa. Then I told her the truth that I was the one who had hit the aquarium with the football while playing it inside the hall and showed her the football next to the fallen aquarium while sitting down near her legs.

When I Tell The Truth - WOW

Guess what? I didn't hear any angry shouts from my mom as expected. When I lifted my face, I saw the happy face of my mom and I was totally suprised and didn't know how to understand my mom. Then after a while I understood that "When I tell the Truth", it gives happiness not only to me, but to my mom too. She got up from the sofa and hugged me and Johnny. She told me that I have become a big and brave boy now as I am able to accept my mistakes. Do you really think so?

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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Ever Heard of Rail Bus?

On our recent trip to Rajahmundry, my Mommy took all of us to a new adventure. It was a totally new thing which we ever saw in our entire life. Want to know the details of our new adventure, then come hop on to our van, as its a long drive from our resort.

While going on this long drive, we went for most of the part next to my Friend (by now you all know about her isn't it?) Godavari. And she kept on changing her colours and it was the first time for me to see a river changing colours and its really amazing. The drive was also wonderful as the roads were very good.

All four of us (Me and my friends) kept on singing songs and telling stories about each other's school and we never realized the duration of the travel. Only parents got bored as they just sat watching their mobiles or reading news paper. So they asked Raju uncle (our driver) to stop the van for a cup of tea. They all drank Tea, and we had tender coconut water there. Then we reached our final destination.

So now you understood that our destination is a railway station isn't it? Its a very small one and its nearly on the banks of river Godavari. This station name is Kotipalli. This small station is really special as a new kind of train runs from this station. Have you guys ever heard of "Rail Bus" You can have a glimpse of the same "Rail Bus" in the picture below clicked by my Dad.

Image result for kotipalli railway station photo

The full picture of this "Rail Bus" is as follows: Its a single compartment train with engine also in the train compartment. Have you guys ever saw that one till date? The Engine driver uncle also travels with us in the same compartment along with the ticket collector uncle.

The next photo contains me and my friends posing with this new kind of train. Wait the fun has not yet started. Just that we posed for the photo doesn't mean that our adventure is over. The adventure is yet begin.  So our "Rail Bus" has started its journey and the Engine driver uncle asked us as to who would be willing to honk the horn for him. So Pranav had volunteered for that activity. Since I don't like loud noise, I sat at the back along with my Dad.

Once in the train, we noticed that apart from the ticket collector uncle and Engine driver uncle, there are two more brothers in Orange colored t-shirts and they travel along with us. So we asked them whether they are also traveling just like us. Then they smiled at us and said NO, they have a big work to do during this "Rail Bus" run. So we started wondering what these brothers would be doing?

So coming back to the journey, the route was very scenic with lot of coconut trees and paddy fields, so I started enjoying the scenery and in the mean time the train stopped where there is no station. At first, I didn't understand why it stopped. Then I saw that two aunties have climbed into the train. I started wondering from where they came. Only in the next stop, I noticed that these people are waving their hands and the train is stopping for them. Can you imagine a train stopping at the wave of your hand. Me and Vihaan started laughing and joking about it and then Kushi pointed that these brothers with orange t-shirts were getting down when ever the train stops and closing the railway crossings and opening them as soon as the train starts leaving. So now did you guys understand that this is their big job.


Wait, wait, the best part is not yet over. In the mean time, Pranav's dad pointed to us the clothes that have been dried on the tracks. See the picture below. As its rainy season, and the sun has come out only today after so many days, the people in the village have used the railway tracks to dry their clothes. Can you imagine this happening in Chennai or in Mumbai. So we guys have had a nice laugh regarding the same. Then my dad explained us about the simplicity in the life style and their adaptability to the nature. Which made us wonder how simple their lives are really are.

So we had such good funny journey from Kotipalli for a while. So now you understand as to why this train is called "Rail Bus" isn't it? If not, please message me, I will let you know. Hope you all liked this travel along with us in this unique "Rail Bus" which you can't find any where in the world.

In the mean time, we started feeling hungry and thirsty too. So we asked our parents to take us to a hotel. So they asked  our Engine driver uncle to stop the train and we all walked to the near by road point and our van driver Raju uncle was waiting there to take us to a hotel. We all had such a good lunch there in that hotel and proceeded to our next adventure point in the van.

Please stay tuned for more adventures from our Rajahmundry trip.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

When I heard about Greif....

I heard the word “grieving” in the news today evening and then I started thinking when I heard that word for the first time. Then after some time I remembered that entire story. Do you guys want to hear my story? So here it comes:

Long long time ago, when I was really small, Chennai got lots and lots of rains. Hope you do remember that time. Our school was closed for so long and water also entered into houses. Even it came into my house too. Me and family, including my doggy brothers have stayed upstairs only. My mommy and daddy converted my play room into kitchen. We used to cook there only and spend most of the time, when it’s not raining, we used to spend time on terrace. The whole terrace was full of water and it was slushy too. 

I got to see low flying helicopters, army uncles too. But the best part is that I do remember seeing different coloured snakes swimming in the water. Also the superb part is that my Daddy was there with us whole day and for some more days. No meetings, no phone calls from boss aunty. So we played and played. Later after all the water went off to beach, then we had to clean a lot and my Mom and Dad along with other aunties and uncles cleaned the complex. My Dad cleaned my toys. I lost lot of my toys and my battery car too. Then came a big turtle into my house and we named him Joy. I fed him with cabbage and leaves. But the Forest officer uncle took Joy away saying its a protected turtle. 

After some time, the AE (Assistant Engineer from Electricity board) uncle decided to give us power, and we got the electricity and internet back and we had to go back to school which was the worst part you know?

Then after a week or so, we went for a long drive and I didn’t understand why my mom was getting so many school bags, books and pencils. May be 1000 or so, at that time I don’t know the counting beyond ten naa, so can’t tell you that number now. Later my grand dad accompanied us to another place where we gave off all the books and pencils. Some kids were crying along with their parents. So while returning back I had asked my grand dad, as to why they are crying? I thought that school holidays were not enough for them. But guess what, my grand dad told me that “Everyone Else was grieving” as they lost everything due to the floods. Which put me into kind of sad mood too. 

WOW: Everyone Else Was Grieving

So this is my story friends, so now you guys also know where I heard that grieving word for the first time in my entire life.


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